Basic informations


For making an appointment, please, call: + 36 20 438 4402 or write to:

Office Hours:

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Budapest, XI. district, Fadrusz u.27.

Walking distance from the terminal of tram number 4, stops of bus number 7, 86, and tram 47, 49, 18, 19, 41.
By car the easiest way to arrive is from Fadrusz street.

Parking on the street of the office (265HUF/hour).

For further directions to the office, please click the map below. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch.

Fees regarding services provided in English:

Initial interview: 30.000 HUF / 45 min

Individual Counseling: 30.000 HUF / 45 min

Individual Therapy: 30.000 HUF / 45 min

Couples Counseling: 50.000 HUF/ 90 min

Counseling or therapy sessions last 45 minutes and are held at a regular time slot each week. Weekly attendance is important for therapy progress.

At the initial stage of our consultations we will explore your current issues, enquire about background history and set the focus of the therapy or counseling process.


Payment is taken at the end of each session by cash. There is no facility to take credit cards.


Cancellation or change of scheduled sessions is possible a week in advance, that means one week of advance is required to avoid being charged for a cancelled appointment planned or unplanned, regardless of reason. Missed and cancelled sessions (even with notice) are payable in full. Sessions are reserved for you and this cancellation policy is for the benefit of the therapeutic process also. Please, keep in mind.

No waiting room, so you'll be asked to meet your therapist at the exact time.

The office:

Psychlogist office Budapest