It is not giving advice... There are situations in life, there are family and job related conflicts when one might feel it is too hard to make up his/her mind. Friends cannot always help in the best way, it might be a good idea to turn to a professional helper. Counseling is of 3-5 sessions aiming at getting out of the blockage, to find own solutions. The goal of counseling is always to improve the quality of life and to broaden the capacity to live well with others.

Online counseling - online psychologist

By now online counseling has become an almost exclusive mean of getting to counseling for many people who work 12 hours a day, for mums at home with babies. With the help of online counseling you get the chance to talk to a counsellor, online psychologist via Skype even from you office or home. This counseling media does not substitute face-to face, in person therapy, but an online psychologist, online counseling can be of great help in certain cases.

Online counseling and the help of an online psychologist is for individuals who:


Psychotherapy in general: A psychotherapist interacts with patients to initiate change in the patient's thoughts, feelings, and behavior through adaptation. Psychotherapists provide treatment in individual and group settings. After gathering information and doing a problem assessment, the psychotherapist will define a course of treatment that meets the specific needs of an individual, couple or family. The course of treatment will usually consist of subsequent psychotherapy sessions; working toward a defined goal in mind.

Couple therapy - Relationship counseling

Relationships can be a great source of fulfilment. When they become problematic one might experience much pain, guilt, disappointment, lonelyness and/or rejection. It is well known that psychological health of the individual is based on the quality of his/her relationships. If you are suffering because of problems in your relationship with your spouse or your partner Counseling or Psychotherapy can help clarifying the situation, fixing communication and moving towards problems solving. Relationship counseling and psychotherapy works with individuals, couples. The psychologist provides a safe and confidential arena to discuss your concerns. In relationship counseling you can explore your usual behaviour and attitude patterns in close relationships, you will also gain insight into your commitment and communication style, this way you can improve your communication with your partner, understand each other better and get your relationship straighten up.

Communication skills and self-knowledge development

Selfknowledge and communication is essential in life, in relationships. Poor self-knowledge can lead to feelings of insecurity, anxiety, too high or too low selfconfidence, to communication problems, relational disfunctions, family and work conflicts. Everything in life that makes us think and refelect on ourself, is part of the process of getting to know ourselves. But during this process we often cheat on ourselves, we cannot see ourselves, our personality and behaviour objectively, with the eye of fan outsider. To enhance selfknowledge skills you can turn to a psychologist, you can take part in a group – it is useful to build on the methods and means of psychology, psychotherapy.

Work and carrier counseling

Nowadays employment, workplace and carrier problems are one of the main causes of stress, poor health and damaged relationships. Many people spend a great deal of time at work, many suffer from the pressures and strains deriving from work. Occupational stress affects a large number of people and it has much to do with quick staff turnover, high levels of sickness absence, human error etc. Working hard is necessary in these crisis hit times, but pushing oneself too far can be destructive. Anyone who feels too much stress at work, may benefit from work counselling or psychotherapy.

Bereavement counseling for grief and loss

Bereavement is the intensive feeling of grief when facing the loss of someone precious or something close to us. Death and loss are an inevitable part of our life - bereavement is a painful, but natural process; shock, numbness, anger and sadness form part of the natural grieving process. However, if for some reason it remains unprocessed, the loss can leave us with deep emotional scars and long term difficulties including mental health issues. Counselling can support you at this difficult time.

Trauma counseling

Trauma is a sudden, unforseeable, serious event causing longlasting effects in mind and body. Counseling and psychotherapy can help dealing with trauma. Therapy is designed around your specific needs and targets your traumatic symptoms.

Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is individual therapy based on the psychoanalitic theory.

Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

The work is organized around an actual inner conflict, which has a special emphasis in the curriculum as well. The reframing, understanding of the conflict will help further development of the personality. Therapy is lasting for 3-6 months, once or twice a week, runs with an exact number of sessions, has an exact date of finishing.

Dynamic therapy

Group therapy

Dinamically oriented small group are of 5-9 persons and a group leader (therapist, counselor) work together. Sessions are usually 2x45 minutes, weekly or twice a week. Group therapy lasts longer (1-2 years). This length is necessary for real, lasting changes. Analitic small groups can be helpful in a variety of problems, but it is best for dealing with severe (long lasting) relationship matters, problems (problems with contact making, regularly emerging partnership problems, marital conflicts etc.).

Supporting groups

Tematical, supporting groups are organized around a special theme.The groups below are some examples. These groups are organized for Hungarian clients, but if your would be interested in joining a similar group that runs in English, please, feel free to contact me at: (pszichologia[at]kisgabipszichologus[dot]hu)

Psychological assessment

When we meet the first time we are starting to get to know each other. The first counseling session, the  interview is for you to present your story, your life and your actual problem. This is also aiming at deciding whether we (I as a therapist and you as client) fit together and whether counselling or psychotherapy is the adequate help for you.

Psychotherapy of Depression

Sometimes (in life at least once) all of us feel sad, miserable and fed up. These feelings are normal reactions to events that are upsetting or stressful. But sometimes we may feel sad even with no (known) reason at all – but this sadness passes by. There are people who do not find quick relief, they are really suffering from depression. In their case sadness persists for weeks and months, which has serious effects on their their day to day lives. Depression is not the same for everyone, it can be manifested in many different ways.