English Speaking Psychoterapist, Online Psychologist - Online counseling in English

Gabriella Brédáné Kis

Online or in person counseling is provided in the form of preset appointments. Call or write for appointment so tension, fears, worries can be addressed  and hopefully new, creative ways of approaches, attitudes of coping with the problematic life situation can be worked out. From time to time everyone is facing some kind of ambivalences, fears, insecurities. Problems are part of life. Everyone is coping. But to do that alone is much harder then with the help of others or a professional. In person (in Budapest or in the Balaton-Felvidék) or online counseling and therapy in English in Hungary is available. 

Gabriella Brédáné Kis is a licenced Hungarian Psychotherapist (Therapist) and Clinical Psychologist, providing  counselling and psychotherapy in her private practice in Budapest and at the Balaton-Felvidék.
She graduated  from Eötvös Lóránt University Budapest with a Masters Degree in Health and Clinical Psychology and received post-graduate training in Short Term Dynamic Therapy, Group Analysis, Marriage and Family, Systems Centered Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
She is offering professional, confidential consulting services, counseling and psychotherapy both in English and in Hungarian for issues involving self esteem, relationships, marriage, work, carrier, stress related problems, cross cultural situations.
Most of her English speaking clients are healthy people facing difficult times abroad, adults who come to counseling for help in understanding cultural differences and resolving their problems. She has lived two years in the USA and in Italy. Having lived in other cultures provided her  first hand experience and sensitivity to the kinds of  problems that arise in a cross-cultural situation.

„I have extensive postgraduate training in psychotherapy and clinical psychology and a diverse range of experiences that include inpatient mental health settings and private practice,  all ranges of issues. But I learn a lot everyday from my clients, who have the courage to share their very personal stories and intimate aspects of their lives.
I strive to create a safe, comfortable emotional space where one can feel open to explore his/her issues, dilemmas, thougths and feelings.
I believe that human health involves psychological, bodily and  spiritual integrity and that it is based on good personal, intimate relationships. It is hard to face problems and our selves. That is why it is a great firts step to turn to a professional helper to gain insight, awareness and solve major life problems.

My mission as a therapist is to help you:
•    improve your emotional well being
•    get to know yourself better
•    find the strength to face challenges
•    understand your experiences, and ultimately lead a more aware, fulfilling life
•    enhance your ability to engage in interpersonal relationships.

Whether coping with trauma, loss, grieving, pain, fears, stress related to specific life stages, or to familial, relational dilemmas, problems, I am here to listen and to give a hand to figure the way out.”

                                                                                                     Gabriella Brédáné Kis
                                                                                        Clinical  Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Her areas of specialty:
•    Cross-cultural difficulties
•    Multi-cultural marriage counseling
•    Expat issues
•    Couples Counseling
•    Individual Therapy

•    Trauma
•    Abuse
•    PTSD
•    Health related problems
•    Bereavement, loss
•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Stress Management
•    Burnout
•    Self-Esteem
•    Work & Career Issues
•    Family and Relationship Problems

Academic background:
MA in Psychology, Clinical and Health Psychology Major (Eötvös Lorand University of Science,  Budapest)

Trainings in psychotherapy:
•    Family, Marriage and Couple Therapy, Counceling (Hungarian Family Therapy Association)
•    Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (ICEEFT, Budapest)
•    Short Term Dynamic Therapy (Euroean Psychotherapy Training of Tündérhegy, Budapest),
•    Systems Centered Therapy (Atlanta, Philadelphia, USA),
•    Groupanalysis (Hungarian Group Analytic Society, Budapest)

Experience and credentials:
She has worked in the field of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy for the past 26 years in Budapest, Hungary. She has been a clinical psychologist, therapist for years at acute psychiatric wards, worked in the field of sociotherapy, seven years at a Child Guidance Center and in the child-protection system in Hungary. From 2005 she manages her counseling practice in Budapest.

Hungarian Licence number: M/00684/2005

In the List of Hungarian Psychotherapists

Psychological services:

•    Counseling
•    Couple counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy
•    Individual Psychotherapy

As to which service is best for a person depends on the nature of the problem (how long it has been there, is there a focus to it). To different forms and types of psychotherapy different time-span, technique and settings apply.

The first setting is a 45 minutes interview, which is for getting to know each other, the core of the problem. This is also aiming at deciding whether therapist and client fit together and what is the adequate help (counselling or psychotherapy).