About gratitude

2015-11-25 | Gabriella Kis

By definition gratitude is the strong feeling of needing to be as good as the other person was to me. It is a positive emotion, moral barometer and prosocial behaviour tendency.
Psychologists and researchers have shown that to be grateful, feel grateful is very healthy. This emotion, state of mind lessens stress levels (cortisol in the body), makes you sleep better, lowers heartbeat frequency, bloodpressure, it effects breathing and our immune system. Someone who experiences often gratefulness is less negative, does not become  depressed easily, does not become agressive easily, is less envious, can achive a healthy self esteem. 
Gratefullness and optimism are huge assets in our well being.

The 26th of November is the day of Thanksgiving in the USA and Canada. I whish everyone a happy Thanksgiving day. I also whish that Hungary, every family and couple would adopt this great feast, holiday and that we all could practice gratefullness in our everyday life as well. There is always something to be grateful.