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Counseling in English in Budapest, in Hungary

2012-12-27 | Gabriella Kis

As a result of its special geopolitical situation, we can say that being in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary plays an intermediary role in world-wide migration. Budapest is already a multicultural city, metropolis. Many expatriots live and work here on medium or longer assignments. Lots of foreign students come here to study at Hungarian universities. Investors from other countries own real estates, apartments in Budapest and at the lake Balaton. There is a growing number of businessmen who had set up companies, joint ventures in Budapest in the past decades.

How to choose a therapist, a counselor, a psychologist in Budapest?

2012-09-27 | Gabriella Kis

It is well known that the success of counseling and psychotherapy does not depend on theory applied, or on special counseling, therapeutic technique. But it depends very much on the therapist's ability to understand intuitively and accurately the patient, and to see what truly the patient's problem is. Theory is a great help, and most of the theories of psychotherapy and counseling can equally solve the same kind of problem effectively (e.g.curing depression).


It is not giving advice... There are situations in life, there are family and job related conflicts when one might feel it is too hard to make up his/her mind. Friends cannot always help in the best way, it might be a good idea to turn to a professional helper. Counseling is of 3-5 sessions aiming at getting out of the blockage, to find own solutions. The goal of counseling is always to improve the quality of life and to broaden the capacity to live well with others.