Brédáné Kis Gabriella


Tel.: + 36 20 438 4402

Pszichológiai magánrendelő: Budapesten a XI.kerületben



A warm welcome from Gabriella Bréda Kis!

I am licenced Hungarian Psychotherapist (Therapist) and Clinical Psychologist, specialising in short and long-term Counselling, Psychotherapy in Budapest. I am offering professional, trained and confidential consulting services, counseling and psychotherapy both in English and in Hungarian for issues like premarital, marriage, family, work, carrier, stress related problems, cross cultural issues. If medication is needed I can make reference to a psychiatrist. Most of my English speaking clients are healthy people facing difficult times abroad, adults who come to counseling for help in understanding cultural differences and resolving their problems. I have lived two years in the USA and in Italy. Having lived and studied in other cultures has led me to work gladly with a variety of cross-cultural and spiritual diversity issues.

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It is well known that the success of counseling and psychotherapy does not depend on theory applied, or on special counseling, therapeutic technique. But it depends very much on the therapist's ability to understand intuitively and accurately the patient, and to see what truly the patient's problem is. Theory is a great help, and most of the theories of psychotherapy and counseling can equally solve the same kind of problem effectively (e.g.curing depression).