About gratitude

2015-11-25 | Gabriella Kis

By definition gratitude is the strong feeling of needing to be as good as the other person was to me. It is a positive emotion, moral barometer and prosocial behaviour tendency.

English Speaking Psychoterapist, Online Psychologist - Online counseling in English

Gabriella Brédáné Kis is a licenced Hungarian Psychotherapist (Therapist) and Clinical Psychologist, providing  counselling and psychotherapy in her private practice in Budapest and at the Balaton-felvidék. She is offering professional, confidential consulting services, counseling and psychotherapy both in English and in Hungarian for issues involving self esteem, relationships, marriage, work, carrier, stress related problems, cross cultural situations. Online or in person counseling is provided in the form of preset appointments. Call or write for appointment so tension, fears, worries can be addressed  and hopefully new, creative ways of approaches, attitudes of coping with the problematic life situation can be worked out. From time to time everyone is facing some kind of ambivalences, fears, insecurities. Problems are part of life. Everyone is coping. But to do that alone is much harder then with the help of others or a professional. In person (in Budapest or at the Balaton-Felvidék) or online counseling and therapy in English in Hungary is available.

How to live a long life - new approaches

2013-09-06 | Gabriella Kis

The Terman Longevity Project placed earlier findings in different perspective. It is not enough to live a healthy marriage, in community, work without stress, do regular exercise, have good friends, eat good food, but being conscientious, enjoy what you do even if your work is not without stress, being goal-oriented and  well-integrated into your community can have an effect on your longevity. It is important to listen to these advices of the psychologist society, but equally important to strive for one's individual path toward a long and meaningful life.


It is not giving advice... There are situations in life, there are family and job related conflicts when one might feel it is too hard to make up his/her mind. Friends cannot always help in the best way, it might be a good idea to turn to a professional helper. Counseling is of 3-5 sessions aiming at getting out of the blockage, to find own solutions. The goal of counseling is always to improve the quality of life and to broaden the capacity to live well with others.