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Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy

2017-10-09 | Gabriella Kis
"EFT is a structured approach to couples therapy formulated in the 1980's and has developed alongside the science on adult attachment and bonding to expand our understanding about what is happening in couple relationships and to guide therapists." EFT’s main notion is that long-lasting relationships are based on attachment, and attachment is organized, shaped and sustained by emotions, like dance by music. As many other things, our attachment capacity comes from our childhood experiences. Often times in adult relationships basic childhood attachment experiences come forth, eventually childhood traumas also. But a good, strong, loving, longlasting relationship is able to rewrite, process childhood or preveious attachment injuries. Human relationships have healing potential. That is why it is wise to renew our close relationships from time to time or go to couple therapy if necessary.

Travel therapy

2016-05-20 | Gabriella Kis

We’re used to thinking of travel as ‘fun’. But besides enjoyment and relaxation travelling also does some very serious things for us. At its deepest, psychological level, travel can assist us with our psychological wellbeing. It can – when approached the right way – play a critical role in helping us to grow into better versions of our normal selves. Travel reveals its full potential to function as a form of therapy in our lives.

About gratitude

2015-11-25 | Gabriella Kis

By definition gratitude is the strong feeling of needing to be as good as the other person was to me. It is a positive emotion, moral barometer and prosocial behaviour tendency.

Emotions and thinking

2015-11-17 | Gabriella Kis

Many people, actually we all experience times in our lives when we feel olverwhelmed and need clarity - in depression, in love, in fights, with kids etc. This short video gives a very simple model for understanding how our body, emotions and thinking are related, how important is to stop, become centered and think when we are overwhelmed by our emotions. Also, maybe a good tool for parents to understand their kids behaviour. Thinking, reasoning, understanding is essential in times of emotional turmoil. 

How to live a long life - new approaches

2013-09-06 | Gabriella Kis

The Terman Longevity Project placed earlier findings in different perspective. It is not enough to live a healthy marriage, in community, work without stress, do regular exercise, have good friends, eat good food, but being conscientious, enjoy what you do even if your work is not without stress, being goal-oriented and  well-integrated into your community can have an effect on your longevity. It is important to listen to these advices of the psychologist society, but equally important to strive for one's individual path toward a long and meaningful life.

Counseling in English in Budapest, in Hungary

2012-12-27 | Gabriella Kis

As a result of its special geopolitical situation, we can say that being in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary plays an intermediary role in world-wide migration. Budapest is already a multicultural city, metropolis. Many expatriots live and work here on medium or longer assignments. Lots of foreign students come here to study at Hungarian universities. Investors from other countries own real estates, apartments in Budapest and at the lake Balaton. There is a growing number of businessmen who had set up companies, joint ventures in Budapest in the past decades.

How to choose a therapist, a counselor, a psychologist in Budapest?

2012-09-27 | Gabriella Kis

It is well known that the success of counseling and psychotherapy does not depend on theory applied, or on special counseling, therapeutic technique. But it depends very much on the therapist's ability to understand intuitively and accurately the patient, and to see what truly the patient's problem is. Theory is a great help, and most of the theories of psychotherapy and counseling can equally solve the same kind of problem effectively (e.g.curing depression).