Counseling in English in Budapest, in Hungary

2012-12-27 | Kis Gabriella
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As a result of its special geopolitical situation, we can say that being in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary plays an intermediary role in world-wide migration. Budapest is already a multicultural city, metropolis. Many expatriots live and work here on medium or longer assignments. Lots of foreign students come here to study at Hungarian universities. Investors from other countries own real estates, apartments in Budapest and at the lake Balaton. There is a growing number of businessmen who had set up companies, joint ventures in Budapest in the past decades. Pluss, multinational companies often bring their staff over to run the business and some bigger companies are setting up their employee assistance program to provide stress related prevention at the workplace. Of course the family is often following the foreing employee to Budapest, meaning that kids and wifes need special English speaking services also.
Although there is already a growing number of nurseries, schools, medical services, bars, pubs, restaurants in Budapest, where the staff speaks English - non Hungarian, especially English speaking professionals, services are more and more needed.
English speaking psychotherapists, professionals offering counceling services in Hungary are mostly residing in Budapest. For foreigners living outside of Budapest, looking for counseling there is the possibility of turning to an online counseling professional, who can either be a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist as well. (More: Online Counseling)

By the law in Hungary only those clinical psychologists or psychiatrist can call themselves therapists, who have taken the psychotherapy state exam. In Hungary drugs can be prescribed only by psychiatrists, but counseling can be practiced by psychologists (having an MA degree) who are registered by the state. Though many professionals speak foreign languages, the necessary fluency in English and cultural experience, knowledge for running therapy and counseling in English is yet not very common. You can search and find English speaking therapists, counselors in Budapest on the internet who are Hungarians studied or lived in some English speaking countries or who are themselves expatriots, American professionals. One example of list of English speaking counselors, therapists in Budapest: Expat Blog Budapest

It is also important to know that psychotherapy and counseling is not synonims of each other, they are different ways of helping psychological, lifestyle issues, problems. More: What is the difference between counseling and psychotherapy

It is normal – better said the normal is that someone leaving his/her home country for a longer time, will encounter cultural differences and will usually experience some kind of stress along the process of getting accustomed and learning about the new culture. Much depends on the social support available and prior experiences. But in some cases it is very helpful and wise to turn to a counselor or therapist if adjustment is too difficult or painful, where marital or relational problems arise etc.